School Admissions

Admissions to schools and other programs may require or recommend cognitive and/or
educational testing. 

A written report highlighting test results and basic interpretation of scores is provided.

Testing in these instances does not involve any diagnosis or recommendations for

Comprehensive Neuropsychological & Educational Testing​​

An initial diagnostic consultation will allow me to put together a testing package that best suits you or your child/teen. I select specific tests based on the concerns and needs expressed in the initial consultation. 

A detailed, written report will document test results, interpretations and diagnoses. Results are then used to individualize recommendations for interventions and accommodations based on areas of strength and challenge. 

Comprehensive testing includes some or all of the following: 

  • Cognitive functioning
  • Auditory attention, Visual Attention and Impulse Control
  • Executive Functioning
    • Organization, Planning, Self-Monitoring, Flexibility
  • Information Processing
    • Working Memory, Long-Term Retrieval, Language, Visual Processing
  • Social-Emotional Functioning
  • Behavioral Symptoms
  • Educational Achievement involving Reading, Math, and Written Language 

I have a particular interest and expertise in psycho-educational and neuropsychological testing. While working in the schools, I developed a unique understanding of how attention and learning problems often
co-exist, allowing me to assist you in navigating the educational system to access
formal supports.  

When completing comprehensive testing, my goal is to go beyond a diagnosis and
think outside of labels in order to identify specific areas of strength and challenge.
The information gained from testing allows me to design individualized intervention
recommendations for home and school. The goal of testing is to help you function
better by highlighting strengths and working to improve upon challenges.